Sep 26, 2014   The New York Times writes a story about the latest RPHP journal article on the link between atom bomb fallout and cancer.
The study used baby teeth from St. Louis “Baby Boomers” born in the 1950s. The article titledStudy of Baby Teeth Sees Radiation Effects is by MATTHEW L. WALD.
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FOX News Breaks Story On Thyroid Cancer Epidemic Around Indian Point
The FOX Report March 10, 2009
An unusually high local rate of thyroid cancer, documented in new official data, near the Indian Point nuclear reactors just north of New York City, was the subject of a Fox News story entitled “Cancer Cluster” broadcast on March 8 as part of the evening Fox Report.

Baby teeth offer radioactive clues
By Gary Stoller, 

January 1, 2004.
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Using Baby Teeth As A Geiger Counter
By Andy Newman, New York Times,
November 11, 2003,
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Dr. Jay Gould was interviewed by Noah Adams, a senior host of National Public Radio’sAll Things Considered, on November 14, 2001.  Here Dr. Gould spoke about the importance of the newly discovered 85,000 St. Louis baby teeth.
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