A Short Latency Between Radiation Exposure From Nuclear Plants And Cancer In Young Children

By Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
International Journal of Health Services
March, 2006
A new study by Joseph Mangano was announced in Trenton NJ on March 28, 2006, published in theInternational Journal of Health Services.The article was presented at a news conference at the NJ state capitol in Trenton, which featured Mangano, Dr. Donald Louria of New Jersey Medical School, and Suzanne Leta of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group. The conference was covered by over a half-dozen newspapers, radio stations, and television stations from New Jersey.The article examines the link between in-body radiation and cancer risk Mangano’s paper showed that near the Brookhaven (NY), Indian Point (NY) and Oyster Creek (NJ) nuclear plants, trends in Strontium-90 in baby teeth and childhood cancer incidence were similar. With several hundred teeth and cancer cases used near each plant, the findings were highly significant. This research suggests a cause-and-effect link between radioactivity from reactors with cancer in local children.

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